How Becoming A NINJA will literally change your life.

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Dear Traveler/ Digital Nomad, 

Are you not tired of being alone all the time?  

We know the feeling of meeting cool people, making friends, and the next thing we know they are gone again because they need to go back home… 

We have been there, multiple times. 

Until we decided to build something sustainable for all of us. 

A community network of people that care about each other and help each other grow personally and financially.

We are calling this community NINJA. 

And you too can become a NINJA. 

NINJA is for those people that want more in life than working from 9 to 5, building the dreams of someone else. 

At NINJA we help each other to build our dreams. 

We help each other to become strong & confident. 

Our strategy is simple:

Let us become the best version of ourselves.

Which starts by taking care of our body and mind. 

That is the reason we are training Muay Thai. 

It helps us to overcome our fears, train our body, and come together all at the same time. 

It is the fundament of our healthy lifestyle.

To live a life here in Thailand we need to hold together.

Everyone needs their tribe to survive. 

So come and join us, train with us, create with us. 

This is your calling. 

And by becoming a NINJA you will benefit from the efforts of the community.

As you join NINJA you will receive the following:

– Access our Muay Thai Classes, Yoga & Breathwork classes
– Access to community events for free

[ I am ready to become a NINJA and be part of something bigger than myself ]

How this will change your life

To become a NINJA means you also receive the benefits of being a NINJA.

Everything we earn together is shared with each other. 

Together we build businesses and benefit from them.

Because we are a team, a real community that takes care of each other. 

The fee for our membership comes back in different ways to you. 

Of course the trainings are part of it, the equipment that we buy for us but also trips that we organize together. 

Every Baht that we make comes back to the community in some shape or form. 

By having a pot of money that we share we are able to do amazing things. 

We plan amazing trips together as NINJAS. 

We host events for the crew or help dogs in need.

All financed by the pot of money that we created together. 

NINJA is more than just a group of people that train together. 

We are here to have a lasting impact on Koh Phangan, Thailand and the entire world. 

We came here to help those in need. 

To take care of those that need us. 

That is why we are helping each other to become the best version of ourselves. 

Because that version is what others need from us. 

They need this group of people that have healed themselves from all the BS that is happening in the world. 

That have overcome the addictions of society. 

We are here to share this love and help anyone to rise and be the best version of themselves. 

Together we can.